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Jan Allen


Considering a Divorce?

When divorce occurs it may either come as a shock or may have been a slow realization that your life needs to change. While there may no longer be the social stigma when facing a divorce, there are many practical issues which must be addressed that can cause undue turmoil unless handled properly.

Selecting the right professionals to help you is critical when going through a divorce. While a Divorce Attorney is at the top of your list, there are also other professional services which you will need. Some of these services may include Mediators, Financial Planners, Custody Evaluators, Credit Advisors and a Real Estate Professional among others.

A few of the key issues you must generally address is what to do with your real estate.


  • Will one of you be able to keep the home through such as methods as liquidation of assets and/or refinancing?
  • Must you sell the home and buy two new homes?
  • How is Title currently vested on the home and what impact, if any, does that have on the sale?
  • Are there investment properties which must be sold or leveraged?

While the other professionals mentioned above will be able to provide guidance in finding the appropriate answers to these questions, I have been successful in helping clients sell their current properties and repurchase individual new homes. For over 40 years I have partnered with my clients and their team of expert advisors to accomplish their real estate goals and ensure that the settlements adhere directly to designated legal instructions.

Although we are extremely empathetic to the emotional issues for everyone involved in this process, it is important for you to know that we will always work and persevere on your behalf. We can work with both individuals jointly or separately, depending upon your needs.

Since every divorce is different, it is important to have the right Real Estate Professional who will recognize and quickly address the changing needs of their client.



We can help you make this transition to a new chapter in your life in areas such as:

  • Finding out where each party will be living during the transaction
  • Repurchase and/or Rentals of new homes for each party after the divorce.
  • Determining the Listing Date
  • Establishing the Listing Price
  • Determining how to best Showcase Your Home for Maximum Marketability
  • Coordinate Signing of all Real Estate Documents
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Negotiating and Coordination on Your Behalf
  • Purchase Price and Contract Terms
  • Contingencies
  • Home Inspections
  • Home Warranties
  • Repairs
  • Termite & Clearances
  • Septic and Well (if applicable)
  • Moving companies
  • Any additional items which may be pertinent to your particular transaction
  • Coordinating with all parties of the transaction (e.g. Title, Attorneys, Agents, Lenders, etc.) to help ensure as smooth of a transaction as possible and to minimize any delays transactional conflicts.
  • Completing the Closing process and ensuring that the Final Settlement Statement adheres to the terms of the divorce.

Please note that all of these steps shall be acceptable to both parties in the divorce.


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